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  1. yeah, i actually love the idea of looking at people & just going, “Wow, God has made them beautifully!” :)
  2. exactly! when i see a beautiful women… there is nothing sexual going on in my head…(usualy:/) sometimes god actualy uses it as like a way to calm me… one time i was really stressed out and i saw a random picture of Victorias hair and it was just like… wow thats really beautiful… what was i thinking about again? i think the same thing happened once and you posted a picture with your freckles:3 its the little things…:D

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  1. becomingbraver said: it sucks when our mind jumps to sexual stuff, i just hate that a lot of the time we’re conditioned to feel that way rather than to appreciate the actual beauty of others. victoria’s hair is AMAZING. and my freckles.. :3 hehe thankyouuu :)
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